Wirral Homeopathy Under Threat

We have been advised of a public meeting on Wednesday 9th March 2011 at 6.30pm, called by NHS Wirral (the Primary Care Trust) to discuss a recommendation made by their Professional Executive Committee (PEC) to discontinue Homeopathic Services for Wirral Residents with effect from 1st April 2011.

We have made our views known of course, in no uncertain terms, that we regard the length of notice of the meeting (6 days) in respect of a ‘decision’ (effective in under a month) completely outside the decision-making remit of the PCT. Nonetheless we are proposing to attend the meeting to make this point in public.

Please do your utmost to attend and encourage other Wirral Residents to attend. I am also sending this out to all NWFH supporters via email because the Old Swan based service (and its outreach service in St Catherine’s Birkenhead) does depend financially on funding from the surrounding regions and, even if you are outside the Wirral area, if you can get there that would be most helpful.

Meeting Location

NHS Wirral
Old Market House
Hamilton Street
Wirral CH41 5AL

The meeting will not exceed 1.5 hours. Hamilton Street is not far to walk from Birkenhead Hamilton Square Rail Station. There is a link to a map on the About NHS Wirral page.

There are detailed papers relating to the recommendation of the Wirral PEC to be found on NHS Wirral’s consultations page. Click on the link to view the Homeopathy Commissioning paper.

Of course again we fundamentally disagree with the contents and the conclusions reached and will be saying so at the meeting.

Online & Telephone Responses

The PCT are seeking email responses to this recommendation on the same consultations page.

If you are a Wirral resident — whether or not you are attending the meeting — please also complete this by clicking on the “have your say” form by Friday 11th March (2 days after the meeting). We suggest, in your own words, that you put something like:

I am devastated to hear that Wirral Professional Executive Committee have recommended to discontinue the effective and popular homeopathy service in less than a month without first consulting patients. The NHS requires consultation to take place at the very beginning of a process of service reconfiguration — not at the end.

Please then tick the bullet point for ‘complaint’.

Of course add anything else you want. If you prefer, you can also phone in a comment on Freephone 0800 085 1547.