The North West Friends of Homeopathy was formed over 30 years ago in order to support the team of medically qualified doctors working in homeopathy, within the National Health Service (N.H.S).

Homeopathy is available to all under the NHS with referral from one’s own doctor.

Homeopathy is relevant today as more and more people see the value of a ‘holistic’ approach to their health issues. There is great concern about the use of conventional drugs and their side-effects, especially where:

  • A counteraction drug is then needed.
  • There is a deeper anxiety about the repeated use of antobiotics.
  • There is disquiet about the numbers developing allergies, asthma, eczema etc.

This is particularly so for the young and old.

The Department of Homeopathy in Liverpool serves a large regional area extending from Cumbria in the north, Merseyside and Cheshire to the east, down to Shropshire to the south and westward to Wirral and North Wales.

Thousands of people in the North West region have benefited from the expertise of our medical doctor team. We view it as a great privilege to have such a superb medical specialism available to us within the N.H.S./Primary Care Trusts and we are deeply grateful for the provision of such an invaluable service.

Unfortunately, with financial pressures and the demand for new expensive technology, the Homeopathic Service is in a less stable position now than in the past. Our in-patient facility at Mossley Hill Hospital was closed in the 1990’s. Glasgow is currently fighting closure of their in-patient ward.

The Friends work hard for the continuation and preservation of the highly acclaimed service we have today and we know that our work and support is valued by both doctors and patients.

You can help by joining the North West Friends of Homeopathy.